The Craft Mini Candle Set
The Craft Mini Candle Set

The Craft Mini Candle Set

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This set includes 4 mini candles (4") featuring the stars of 1990s version of The Craft along with a Relax Its Only Magic purple vinyl sticker (4" wide)

Nancy is "Our Lady of Lightning" the art around her features ouija planchettes, lightning, and victorian florals

Sarah is "St. Inner Power" the art around her features  a flower crown, a pentagram, athame (altar knife), and a white glowing candle

Bonnie is "Our Lady of Healing and the art around her features ankh symbols, victorian flowers, and a red glowing candle

Rochelle is "St. Light as a Feather" and the art around her features feathers, victorian flowers, and pentagram

The candle artwork is printed on vinyl adhesive and applied to a miniature traditional white altar candle. Placement may vary slightly as these are hand-cut and placed.

Relax its only magic is a favorite quote from the film

Please exercise caution when handling the candles. Do not burn unattended. And keep them in moderate conditions. 

Our candles are made in the USA

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