A portion of our December proceeds will be donated to RAINN

Spell Candle: "Femme Protection"

$ 17.00

We celebrate femme abundance and femme magic. Here is a candle to steel you on your way, to set your armor, to remind you to be soft when you can, to say no, to call on our femme ancestors and all they have to teach us for protection when we step out into the world, to invoke our desire for safety and to protect those we love and who are vulnerable. Femme for femme forever.

This beautiful 8" spell candle is a collaboration featuring the artwork of J.B. Brager, the collage work of Amanda Lee Stilwell and the spell work of Laura Gonzalez. A portion of our proceeds from these candles will be donated to Project Fierce. 

Femme Protection candle features a collage of images including oysters, crystals, athame, lipstick, claws and flowers. The banner reads "Femme Protection" 

This candle is available alone or with our Spell pack which includes a spell, a 1"-2" crystal and a large sage bundle. Add on in the options for only $5 

The digital collage is printed on UV coated vinyl adhesive and applied to a traditional "7 day" white altar candle. Placement may vary slightly as these are hand-cut and placed.

Please exercise caution when handling the candles. Do not burn unattended. And keep them in moderate conditions. 

Our candles are made in the USA

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