Metal Straws and Carrying Pouch - Long Length

$ 13.00

We are really committed to reducing our use of straws here at LastCraft! And we adore these metal straight straws - perfect for cold drinks!

This listing includes:

  • 2 stainless steel straws (Rose Gold or Black in Regular or Long Size)
  • 1 cleaning brush 
  • 1 handmade vegan leather pouch that holds your straws and cleaning brush

Pouches have a velcro closure. Perfect for throwing into your purse or bag

Metal Straw color options: Black or Rose Gold or one of each - choose your selection

Long Size: 10.5" tall - perfect for large/venti size cups

Straws are Food Safe Stainless Steel and contain chromium and nickel metals - if you have a strong metal allergy, we recommend glass straws.

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