Mini Cauldron and charcoal and tongs

Mini Cauldron and charcoal and tongs

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a mini 2.5" cast iron cauldron, black metal tongs and 2 charcoal disks. Perfect for burning loose incense.  Comes with instructions for safely burning.

THIS LISTING DOES NOT COME WITH INCENSE - if you want incense and the full kit, please go here:

How to burn loose incense using charcoal burners. Please use caution when working with fire. Please do not leave charcoal burning unsupervised.

Start by placing sand or ash at the bottom of a cauldron or other heat-safe dish. Take tongs and old your charcoal tablet firmly. Then take a lighter and ignite one side of the charcoal tablet. The tablet should pop and crackle - this means it’s doing what is supposed to! Place the charcoal tablet with the indentation side up in the cauldron filled with sand. Let it burn for about 3-5 minutes or until the top turns a bit ashy. Once it turns ashy, put a very small spoonful of incense in the indentation. It should start to smoke immediately. Use the tongs to move anything away from the tablet - it will be VERY HOT. You can add more incense once the original starts to burn away or just let it be. The charcoal tablet will eventually burn up entirely and reduce to ash - you can discard this (after it is cool) or mix it into the sand or ash mixture in the bottom.

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