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Magic Pack
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Magic Pack

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Burn away bad energy and set good intentions with our magic pack. Each pack contains a piece of Palo Santo, a 4” bundle of Yerba Santa and a 2”-4” piece of selenite. 

Using sacred smoke from herbs or other natural materials is a way to cleanse or change energy in a space, object or person.

To cleanse a space:

Stand at the entrance of your space. Light your herb bundle or wood incense until it has a flame. Blow out the flame until the smoke starts to grow. Go around the space, making sure the smoke goes into corners and along walls. If at any point, the herb bundle or wood stops burning, just relight and continue. It might be helpful to visualize the smoke clearing out or overtaking the negative energy.

We also recommend using the sacred smoke to cleanse objects like tarot cards and crystals. This can help “reset” the object. Just hold items above the smoke and let the smoke wash over them.

A crystal like the one in this pack can be useful for infusing your own energy into. Hold a cleansed crystal in your palms while concentrating on your intentions (like protection or better sleep or clarity on a question). Then take the crystal with you throughout the day or put it in your pillow to bring your intentions
to life.

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