Teenage Witch Vinyl Sticker Sheet - 5x7

$ 5.20

This 5x7 premium vinyl sticker sheet features collages art of your favorite Craft teenage witches - Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle  

Nancy is "Our Lady of Lightning" the art around her features ouija planchettes, lightning, and victorian florals

Sarah is "St. Inner Power" the art around her features  a flower crown, a pentagram, athame (altar knife), and a white glowing candle

Bonnie is "Our Lady of Healing and the art around her features ankh symbols, victorian flowers, and a red glowing candle

Rochelle is "St. Light as a Feather" and the art around her features feathers, victorian flowers, and pentagram

Durable vinyl stickers all in the 3" range on a 5x7 sticker sheet

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