Astrology Candle: "Aries"

$ 15.30 $ 17.00

 to April 19. They are represented by a ram and are known for being born leaders who have no fear of a new project. They can be a bit bossy, arrogant and loud. They are fire signs ruled by Mars.

This collage features a ram in a suit, roses, megaphone, number 1 fingers, cherubs, fire and the planet mars.

This candle is available with our Magick pack which includes a 3" crystal (actual size and shape may vary from the photo), a handmade sage bundle and a piece of palo santo for cleansing. Add on in the options for only $8 

The digital collage is printed on UV coated vinyl adhesive and applied to a traditional "7 day" white altar candle. Placement may vary slightly as these are hand-cut and placed.

Please exercise caution when handling the candles. Do not burn unattended. And keep them in moderate conditions. 

Our candles are made in the USA

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